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A truly enlightening experience

“It was truly an enlightening experience meeting you…It has brought so much clarity to many things I’ve been wondering about.
This has all confirmed while I am indeed unique, I am not wrong, and I AM on the right path! Thanks again for doing your work.”
Brandon rud
Owner of Signature vacation homes
I was hesitant, but got clear…

“I was a bit hesitant, [but] once we dove in, I was immediately put at ease and wowed by Santos’s expertise and maturity. He is a phenomenal listener with an astute mastery of Flow. He…helped me get real with my business, get clear on my goals, commit to making it happen, and understand exactly what steps are right for me.
James Cruzen
CEO of Unspoken Leadership
A catalyst for your success

“Idia is THE person to work with to be a catalyst for your success.
The way she breaks things down…I just get it. Not intellectually, but on a deep, physical, soul level.
Surina Jindal
Director at I Am Ambassador

What type of entrepreneur were you born to be?

Most personality assessments & profiling tools are inaccurate for two main reasons:

1. Human Error.

They require you to answer a series of questions. And no matter how honest you might try to be, there’s always the probability that you answered the questions based on who you “think” you are or who you desire to be.  This is why your results can vary or change over time.

2. Oversimplification

Most systems, at best, only have   That’s why sometimes part(s) of your results resonate with you & other parts don’t.

By using your birth information & Human Design, the Entrepreneur Type™ quiz eliminates any human error while also accounting for the infinite possible variations that make you completely unique.


While you can get started for FREE with the Entrepreneur Type Quiz, the best way to fasttrack your business success is to book a 1-on-1 consult.

Entrepreneur Type™ Quiz

$0 / Free

  • Discover your Entrepreneur Type™
  • Find your strengths & weaknesses
  • Get your best business model

Entrepreneur Code™ Consultation

$597 / consult

  • Everything in the report plus:
  • Your Ideal Avatar
  • Your Offer
  • Your Brand Voice
  • Your Success Strategy

Entrepreneur Type™ Report

$97 / report

  • Everything in the Quiz plus:
  • Examples of real business models based on your Type
  • Mentors to model

What our clients are saying

100s of new qualified leads

“Idia helped me so much…she transformed my entire business, my mindset about my business. After working with her I grew my Facebook group by over 400 new members, had 100s of new qualified leads for my program, and tripled my prices! I highly recommend her!”
Amoya S.
Mindset Coach

Completely Transformed my Business

“Working with Santos has been absolutely pivotal in my business…in less than a lunch break…[he] completely transformed my business…”
Michelle A.
Head Coach at Richer Every Day

Worth Every Penny

“Definitely very valuable. Understanding how I operate…it made it clear the reasons why certain behaviors worked & certain behaviors didn’t work. And honestly, it was really affirming…it gave me a real boost of confidence. Worth every penny — and more.”
Vanessa R.
CEO of Playful Ceramics

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